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How to Contact Me



Well, first off - you have to be an actual person.

See, I intend to hide my contact information within this paragraph. SO, you'll have to be intelligent enough to read it in order to gather the information necessary to contact me. Take, for example, my email address. See, it starts with my name, patrick. After that, use one of those little 'at' symbols - sort of like this one right here: @. Considering that we're at The New Universe right now, it would be a good guess on your part to add 'thenewuniverse' right after that 'at' symbol. Next, you'll need a period. Follow that up with three letters - 'c', 'o' and 'm' and that spells 'com'. Put it all together and you've got a complete email address.

Now, I hope this wasn't too difficult for you but you know how it goes - robots crawling websites looking for email addresses to spam - bleh.

Thanks for stopping by!


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