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The Writing

I'm a writer. Not professionally, not yet, but I aspire to be. When I'm not spending huge chunks of my time working on getting a site I can live with up and running... uh... yeah.. anyway - when I'm not DISTRACTED by other things, let's say, I love to write. I create my own little worlds and then hang out in them for a while, seeing what happens and to whom. It's great fun! Sometimes I play around in other people's worlds and that can be fun too.

Original Science Fiction and Fantasy is my bead and butter though, and it's always my own little brand of humor and insight creeping into the characters and situations when I'm writing. My influences? Everyone from Anne Rice and Tom Clancy to Robert Jordan, L.E. Modesitt Jr., Terry Goodkind, Diane Duane and JK Rowling herself.

I have a lot of writing under my belt, more than I realized before I came up with the idea to have this page on the site. Heck, I've been doing this since I was sixteen years old! The purpose of this page is to sort of bring it all together in one spot where it can be summarized. Anyone coming to the site for the first time will be able to see what's going on, what I'm working on and read an excerpt from a story.

Hopefully, this will make it easier for a new reader to dive right in! :)

When trying to come up with a way for this page to look and layout, I decided just to go alphabetically - hope that doesn't screw you up too much! Pieces intended to be Novels, Novellas, etc, are listed first, then come the Short Stories or One-shots, after that, the Fan Fiction. Below you will find descriptions of each story and a link where you can check out an excerpt. I don't post full stories anymore. I really do want to be published one day and who would pay for something when they can get it for free?

Novels, Novellas, etc.

Short Stories

Fan Fiction (The World of Warcraft)

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The Chronicles of Darius

Background: This has an interesting beginning in that it's the first (and only) full length novel I've ever completed. I sequestered myself over a Labor Day weekend gosh, five or six years ago now, and put this idea I had down on paper. Well, in Word, but still - you get the point. It came in at 167,639 words for 300 pages.

Like all foolish young men, I immediately tried to get it published and, as with any piece written in just three days, it got tons of rejection letters. Ah well. I took a look at it and realized that it was really the framework, so to speak, of a much more complex and engrossing story - almost the outline, really, of what I wanted to accomplish. So, I sat down and started rewriting it. And I tossed that. (not really - I have it on disk). I started again, shit-canned that version (ON DISK I SWEAR!), and started again. And just like swamp castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the latest incarnation just felt like the right one - and it didn't sink into the swamp.

Synopsis: The Wizard Darius is an ancient and cranky old man long overdue for a process called 'rebirth' wherein his body will be regenerated and he starts over with the same face but a fresh perspective. He can do this once every thousand years but something has been nagging at him, something that feels unfinished and dangerous, so he drags on longer than he should. He meets two world weary travelers both seeking him on seemingly unconnected quests that he realizes may be far more intertwined than either adventurer could know. Caught up in the idea of one final adventure before the Rebirth process, Darius ventures forth from his Keep to solve the mysteries plaguing his new friends and the nagging feeling in the back of his head that something is up that needs his attention, something that could mean trouble for the world he has helped to protect for so very long.

Click here to read an excerpt from: The Chronicles of Darius



Background: Originally, Evermist was intended to be my contribution to NaNoWrioMo in November 2006, but with work being the way it was at the time, I just didn't have the energy to devote to it. Still, it was something that I wanted to work on, so I persevered at a much slower pace than a novel in a month.

Evermist is an attempt by me to incorporate a style of writing used by L.E. Modesitt Jr. I am a huge fan of his Recluse, Spellsong and Corean books.

Synopsis: Elias is the eldest of three siblings, and when he comes of age for the Militia Lottery, his father has the option to purchase his conscription outright, but chooses not to knowing that most Militia Conscripts are sent to the isle of Evermist for their terms - and few return. Eli must come to terms with his new life as a member of the Militia, his duty to defend the world from the dangers of Evermist, and being completely cut off from his family due to his father's complete dislike of him.
Eli's journey into manhood spans a dozen years or more on the islands of Paerleon and Evermist.

Click here to read an excerpt from: Evermist



Background: This is somewhat of a labor of love with me. One of my favorite characters throughout my life has been Robin Hood - I've seen all or most of the movies that have been made throughout the years, the various TV incarnations, read books and comics based or inspired by the character - I don't know, there's just something about this character that I have always loved and identified with.

There seems to be a trend in publishing these days wherein authors tackle these iconic characters and try to place them in an historically accurate context. For example: King Arthur as a Roman soldier. While I enjoy these books immensely, especially their attention to detail, I think that it takes a lot of the adventure away from the tale. The point of these stories were to uplift, to help people escape and see a better side of things, a place where the 'good guy' beats the 'bad guy' in the end - and he gets the girl too.

So, I'm gonna retell Robin Hood in my own way and with my own voice. I want the elements of swash buckling adventure that has been a constant through the years, but I don't want to make it campy. As of this writing, it's all very fresh and new and I'm taking it slow so as to do it right. I hope you like it! :)

Synopsis: Returning home from war in the Holy Land, Robert of Loxley finds that things back home have not gone well. A tyrannical Sheriff now holds dominion over Nottinghamshire and the people are being abused everywhere he turns.

Still, he has his own lands to tend to and an ailing father who needs him so he tries to pick up the pieces of his life and adjust to life after the Crusades. It's not until he meets a mysterious Hunter in the woods that his world is turned upside down and he is forced to choose between the life he knows, and one where he might be able to make a difference...

Click here to read an excerpt from: Loxley


Malachi & Madrighan; a Tale of Two Brothers

Background: I seem to have an ability to write bits of humor - don't ask me how, but on occasion I manage to do quite well. So, a Fantasy / Comedy about a pair of misfit adventuring brothers seemed the way to go... They hire their swords out to whomever can afford to pay them and they end up getting into all sorts of trouble along the way.

I actually have an outline for both the first and second tales of these intrepid adventurers penciled out, but haven't worked on either much due to other pieces being seemingly more popular at the moment. But I want to get back to these two guys as soon as I can because I feel that their stories are going to be incredibly entertaining for everyone.

Synopsis: Malachi & Madrighan are bored. They're also hungry, which means they need to find a good paying job. The only problem is, they've done so many jobs around the countryside that people have started to take notice - the kinds of people who offer rewards for heads.

Since they need money to buy food and that means work, but work is difficult to come by when you're being unjustly persecuted by certain Kings, Sheriffs and other law enforcement type peoples, they decide that it's time to move on to a new country and together, they seek out a map that can lead them to new adventures and, even better, bigger treasures.

Click here to read an excerpt from: Malachi & Madrighan; a Tale of Two Brothers


Mark of the Wild (Tabor)

Background: Originally called 'Random Fantasy', 'Mark of the Wild' was born of my desire to write each and every day for a month - which I did. With the chapters being quick and concise little scenes, this was the precursor for a style I am developing that (hopefully) does an excellent job of serializing content for the web.

Synopsis: Tabor is a mountain man. The story is set in a fantasy world where several people have the ability to change their shape becoming bears, hyenas, eagles, wolves, ravens - etc and so on. Hearing a voice in his head begging for a little help, Tabor sets out from his cozy den to help the mysterious Voice find the remains of his city and, with any luck, his body - trapped in a crystal when he was betrayed during the city's fall. Little does he realize that the High King has set a Hunter on his trail, making the task of getting the Voice back to his trapped body a bit more difficult then he originally thought...

Click here to read an excerpt from: Mark of the Wild



Background: If the Chronicles of Darius is my attempt at High/Epic Fantasy world building (and it is), 'Odyssey' is my attempt at a massive Science Fiction story. I've had a lot of false starts on this piece, and more than a few start overs with total rewrites. I think I've finally got the vision down the way I want it, I just haven't had the time to devote to this story in the past year.

Synopsis: The Odyssey is the largest ship ever built for exploration and defense of the Sol System. Following a long occupation by an alien race and a subsequent civil war upon winning freedom, the human race isn't about to get caught with their collective pants down again, so they build Odyssey with an eye on mass production for civil defense. A hybrid of human and alien technologies, she is the most advanced ship ever built by humans.

...and on her maiden voyage, she destroys or disables every ship in the fleet and disappears through a hyper-space jump point that takes the ship farther than any human has ever traveled before.

Thus begins the tale of Admiral Starker and the crew of the Odyssey, lost in the farthest reaches of outer-space, encountering new alien races and not knowing who to trust, and trying to find a way back home to clear their names about an attack that the ship perpetrated without them being able to do a damn thing to stop it.

Click here to read an excerpt from: Odyssey


Sam Kane

Background: I blame Jim Butcher and his 'Harry Dresden' novels for this piece. Having seen and thoroughly enjoyed 'The Dresden Files' on the SciFi channel, I sought out the books they were based on and fell in love almost immediately. I absorbed the first two books, then the third soon followed and now I'm taking my time to truly enjoy the rest.

I liked the style a lot - so much so, that I decided to give a shot to the first person narrative. I'd had this idea about a lady named 'Sam Kane' for a while now, so I decided to apply that narrative style to her story and 'Sam Kane' was born!

Synopsis: Sam Kane is a detective with the Denver PD - it's her first week as a Detective and she's already screwed up. Her partner's in intensive care and her Captain is about to rip her a new ass when in walks Jack Mayfair and her life is changed forever.

Learning that you are a latent Wizard is one thing, beginning your training and being tossed head first into a world of supernatural surprises like vampires and werewolves is something altogether different. Sam has to cope with who she thought she was, who she's becoming, and what's just around the next corner.

Click here to read an excerpt from: Sam Kane


Short Stories


Background: Lost is an interesting story - meant to be a one shot. I decided that I wanted to do something very different and Lost became that story.

Synopsis: A man wakes up on the streets of Denver and can't figure out what he's doing there, what's going on or who he is. He has this strange hunger that can't be sated and all these memories that keep crashing down on him. None of it makes sense. He struggles to come to terms with what he is experiencing, the strange memories of an Earth that seems so different from the one he is on and the fact that when he looks at other people, his hunger seems to get worse...

Click here to read an excerpt from: Lost


Random SciFi

Background: Just like with 'Mark of the Wild' - this was a part of my fantabulous 'month o writing'! Only, it didn't get it's own series like Tabor did :P

A quick little SciFi shot. I think it's a nice little piece that shows a couple of different perspectives on the same situation. Take a look - you might enjoy it :)

Synopsis: There's a fight going on, and it's up Xyn to get himself and his navigator out of the line of fire. Not as easy as it sounds - there's a lot of ships out there.

Click here to read: Random SciFi



Background: Well. This was the start of something that was meant to be 'X-filesish'. I don't know if I will ever complete this - I was very young when I began it and some of that shows through in the writing (I think - I could be wrong - it happened once >.> ).

What's posted here is pretty long and should really have been cut up into multiple chapters - I can't recall what I was doing or why I did it like that but oh well.

Synopsis: Blank tells the tale of a John Doe who wakes up in a hospital in Nevada having apparently been struck by lightning. He was found in the middle of nowhere by some off-roaders who bring him in for treatment.

He has no memory of who is is, doesn't know what he was doing out in the desert and no one is apparently looking for him/has reported him missing. As he tries to figure out who he is, a doctor from the hospital and a mysterious man both try to help him while a third, much more dangerous man, becomes aware of him and tries to have him killed...

Click here to read an excerpt from: Blank


Fan Fiction (The World of Warcraft)

The Locket

Background: The Locket was my first attempt at a story set in the Warcraft universe, and it was HUGE fun.

Synopsis: Morticai is a mystery to most. His family, the Bone Splinter, barely know him. He never speask of himself or his past and keeps mostly to himself. His only friend, his best friend, is Hardishane, and even he barely knows who ore what Morticai is, and never suspected that the cranky old Mage could be in love...

Click here to read: The Locket



Background: The story of Jaluli, a Hunter with The Bone Splinter.

Synopsis: jaluli. She's cold, distant, has a dislike for men. But where did she come from? What are her origins? Here, her story is told for the first time.

Click here to read: Jaluli


Child of the Earth

Background: Well. Torero needed a little screen time, and this story told the tale we never hear - about his being a Druid of some power.

Synopsis: Torero is a Druid. Born in Mulgore, he wants nothing more than to help. Not everyone appreciates his innocence. In this story, we see a glimpse at his life.

Click here to read: Child of the Earth


Mask of Mirrors

Background: Another Morticai story...

Synopsis: Morticai wants to help. This is not always a good thing.

Click here to read: Mask of MIrrors


Torero: The Comics

Background: Well. I've always wanted to do comic books. When I was growing up, I read comics with a rabid appetite. I even decided to create one with a friend of mine - I'd do the writing he'd do the artwork. Unfortunately, that project never got beyond a few character sketches and an outline. A couple of years ago, I discovered 'Comic Press' and Torero lent himself quite easily to comics, so, Torero: The Comics was born!

Synopsis: Torero has a lot of adventures. Most of them are due t his innocence and lack of understanding. In this series, he gets into and out of trouble when he listens to the Voice, someone that only he can see and hear. Well, that and the fact that his grasp on things isn't really all there...

Click here to read: Torero: The Comics


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